Pilates Instructor: Elizabeth Mensah - Gold Line Pilates
Gold Line Pilates features top-of-the-line equipment and gold-standard instructors to ensure an excellent and customized Pilates experience for every individual.
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Elizabeth, a former professional ballet dancer, first became interested in Pilates for her own personal injury prevention and cross-training needs. While she was dancing with the Joffrey Ballet, she suffered a severe knee injury, which required surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation period. Pilates was an integral component of her recovery, and she credits the strengthening and stabilizing aspects of the method with her successful return to ballet after a potentially career-ending injury.

As Elizabeth became more interested in sharing the benefits of Pilates with others, she decided to become a certified instructor. She was trained and certified in the STOTT Pilates method under Tamara Hoffmann and Pamela VanGilder at the Pilates Centre of Ballet Memphis, and started teaching in 2013.

As a movement professional, Elizabeth is passionate about fostering the mind-body connection in all of her clients. Her goal is to help clients achieve their goals through encouraging, positive workouts that strike a balance between challenge and ease. She believes that everyone can learn to feel good in their body, and that exercise doesn’t have to be punishing or painful to be effective. Elizabeth’s teaching style is informed by her ballet background, but her workouts are for everyone! She is a detailed, specific instructor who aims to empower her clients through teaching them about their own bodies.

When Elizabeth isn’t teaching or practicing Pilates, she enjoys spending time in nature, reading and writing, and working on creative endeavors with friends.