Good Posture and Mobile Phones

I’m sorry to sound like your mother, but posture is so important to your overall health and wellness. We all understand that fact intellectually, but putting it to practice is far more difficult. Instead of striving for perfection, small practical changes can go a long way to improve your posture, alleviate pain, mitigate injury, and minimize stress.

For instance, think about how you use your mobile phone. Not using it at all is not realistic for most us and even the thought of using it less will send many of us into a panicky and slightly nauseous state. So let’s try using it better!

Check out the side-by-side pictures of Marivi. It’s super obvious which picture is good posture and which is bad posture … but let’s think about how and why.

On the left-side pictures, Marivi is slouching forward, leaning into her phone, collapsed into her lower back, rocking backwards on her pelvis, and craning her chin forward.

On the right-side pictures, Marivi is generally utilizing good posture and demonstrating the preferred biomechanical alignment of the body in a seated position. She is sitting high on the bones in her butt, her pelvis is in a neutral position, her feet make a solid connection with the floor, her rib cage is stacked right on top of her pelvis, her shoulders are natural and comfortable, and her chin is slighted drawn in. It’s wonderful that Marivi has this terrific carriage, but what really makes the difference is how she brings her phone to her eyes. Because she is seated with proper alignment, her gaze is at the horizon. Instead of allowing her phone to drag her down, she brings the phone to her gaze.

So what does it actually mean? Proper alignment allows the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons to do exactly what they are intended to do. This means that Marivi is actually diminishing tension, expending the least amount of effort possible, easily holding up against gravity, and experiencing a naturally relaxed balance in space. Marivi is using her core muscles to support her torso and as such, her spine is in the most efficient and shock absorbing state. Her core strength prevents her lower back, neck, and shoulders from absorbing more than their share of stress, strain, and shear. Her diaphragm is rising and falling and her lungs are expanding without impediment providing optimal oxygenation of her body and brain. Consequently, her parasympathetic nervous system signals that she can feel at ease, focus on concentration, and dedicate her undivided attention to the phone task at hand. Certainly her good posture outwardly conveys confidence to others, but it also triggers hormones and other physiological systems to cause her general outlook to be more positive and optimistic and to improve her own self perception.

The best part? Marivi will look and feel strong and proud for a long time instead of stooping over as age and gravity take over. You might look like a weirdo in public, but the benefits to your body, mind, and spirit are totally worth it.