Why Private Pilates? * Personalization *

The eternal question: Why Private Pilates? There are so many great reasons to take private lessons so let’s focus on one reason that’s painfully obvious but extremely important … personalization.

When it comes to health and wellness, everyone has their own goals, backgrounds, good and bad habits, fitness levels, challenges, injuries, foibles, excuses, motivation levels, etc. Simply put, everyone is an individual and everyone’s body is unique.

Gold Line Pilates provides all of our clients with individual assessments the first time they walk through our door, and every time thereafter. By assessing your current movement patterns, and understanding structural imbalances and asymmetries, our rigorously trained and highly experienced instructors create personalized workouts based on where you are today and where you want to be.

Beyond working towards larger goals, the instructors at Gold Line Pilates adapt to your intermittent challenges as well. Slept on your neck wrong? Overdid it at Crossfit yesterday? Had a middle seat on the red-eye from JFK? It’s your hour and your workout is tailor-made for you. Ultimately, we want you to walk out of your session feeling better, more energized, happier and healthier.

That’s the Gold Line difference … one of many.