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Yes, We're OPEN!

Pasadena's Premier Pilates Studio Has Moved Outside and Online

In an effort to provide you the safest studio experience possible, Gold Line Pilates has temporarily moved our entire studio outside to a tent in the parking lot.

COVID UPDATE: Stay-At-Home Order has lifted and we are able to open in a limited capacity. See more COVID updates here: https://covid19.ca.gov/ 

Covid-Safe Offerings

Outside Classes

Private sessions (one practitioner, one instructor) and group classes (maximum of 6 participants) are available. All sessions are 50 minutes in duration.
Each practitioner will be assigned one reformer and one stability chair for the class. The studio is unable to guarantee your exact equipment choice and position so if you prefer a particular spot under the tent, please come early to stake your claim. 
Along with comfortable workout clothes, please keep in mind that the new COVID-cautious studio is outside. While the open-air structure is great for ventilation and mitigation of virus transmission, we are out in the elements so please bring layers to ensure your personal comfort before, during, and after your workout. 
The bathroom in the original inside studio is available for use. There is a water cooler inside the building.
No drinks other than straight water are allowed inside the tent.

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Pilates — This Pilates reformer class is for anyone who has never taken a Pilates class before, anyone who has never used the reformer apparatus before, or anyone who would like a refresher course on Pilates principles.  
Level 1 — This Pilates reformer class is appropriate for anyone who has taken a Pilates reformer class before. Please start here if you are coming off of a long exercise hiatus.
Level 2 — This Pilates reformer class is NOT appropriate for beginners, pregnant women, or anyone with a diagnosed injury, medical condition, or serious body issue. The instructor of this class will assume that you have sound knowledge of and experience in setting springs and executing basic Pilates exercises.
Vaccinated Seniors — This Pilates reformer class is for anyone who is over 65 would like to get a good stretch, work on balance and core strength, and see what all this Pilates fuss is about. The class is for all levels and the instructor is very supportive and approachable, so there’s no need to feel worried or intimidated. Everyone in this class is at least 10 days out from their second vaccination shot, but masks are still mandatory.

New Practitioners Welcomed!

Class Schedule

Due to limited class size and dedicated equipment, reservations are mandatory. If you show up for a class without an appointment and there is space available, you are welcome to join the class. 

Learn more at View Class Schedule.

Pricing and Payment

In-person outside group classes (6 participants, 1 instructor) are $40 per session.

In-person outside private sessions (1 participant, 1 instructor) are $75 per session.
Online private and group classes range from complimentary to $50 depending on the class and instructor. 
Given the realities surrounding the virus, no packages or discounts are being offered at this time.
To book an appointment, the online booking system requires payment. If you wish to pay by cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle, please text the studio at 626-360-5999 and we will send you an override code.

Our Location

Gold Line Pilates is located at 501 South Arroyo Parkway between Bellevue and California Boulevard next to Whole Foods Market. Access the parking lot from southbound Arroyo immediately north of the red brick building (Town & Country Event and Party Rentals).
The outdoor studio is located in the southwest corner of the parking lot, but there is still plenty of parking available in the lot. One-hour parking is available on Arroyo Parkway between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, and weekends and holidays.

We're Committed to
Your Safety

COVID Protocols

VENTILATION – To ensure ventilation, two sides of the tent are completely open during sessions and fans are constantly circulating air.
DISTANCING – Equipment is spaced far apart and practitioners are asked to be mindful of their own proximity to others.
MASKS – Masks are required at all times for practitioners, instructors, staff, and visitors. No exceptions will be granted even with proof of vaccine and/or antibodies.
DISINFECTING – Practitioners are asked to wipe down their assigned equipment on arrival. Practitioners are *required* to wipe down their assigned equipment after use taking care to disinfect every surface they’ve touched. Additional periodic and deep cleaning will also be taking placing.
HIGH-TOUCH SURFACES – Socks are required, but please remember that the studio is outdoors so please select socks that you don’t mind wearing on indoor/outdoor carpet. A variety of options are available to cover and provide barriers for high-touch surfaces such as latex gloves, clean towels of all shapes and sizes, form-fitting yoga mats, etc. 
LIMITING INTERACTIONS – Because of the precise and detailed nature of Pilates exercises, your instructor may want to approach you to adjust your position or facilitate a particular exercise. You are welcome to decline hands-on or close-up interactions at any time. Please feel free to let your instructor know if they are doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and/or at risk of virus transmission.
MINDFULNESS – Please be mindful to cancel your session if you feel at all unwell, feverish, or symptomatic of the virus. Additionally, please take a few moments to review your movements over the last week to think about possible virus exposure.

Policies and Procedures

Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation fee is strictly enforced. Your cancellation must be received by voice, voicemail, text, email, or online booking system within 24 hours of the class start time or you forfeit the full value of the session. If you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, your payment will be applied to your next reservation.

Tardiness Policy

Reserved reformers are forfeited to waiting list participants who are present at 9 minutes past the class’s start time. For example, if the class is scheduled to begin at 6:00 am and you have reserved a spot in the class, the reformer may be given away at 6:09 am if anyone is present and interested. If no one takes the reserved spot, you are welcome to join the class late. No credits or prorates are allowed for late arrivals.

Class Wait List

There is a class waiting list for most class time offerings. There is no charge to join the waiting list. If a class spot becomes available, you will be notified by text message asking if you would like to accept the opening.

Studio Operating Policy

Gold Line Pilates was closed on March 15, 2020 by the stay-at-home mandate, but also by the owner’s commitment to our community. Many months later, it’s a difficult time for everyone and emotions are running high. This move to online and outside classes represents a significant shift in the studio’s business plan and a significant shift in Melissa’s comfort zone. The pre-COVID studio was a bustling and dynamic community and a successful small business. With the new plan, we are doing everything we possibly can to address everyone’s needs as sensitively and respectfully as possible. 
As such, the studio is asking everyone to adhere to the “be cool and be kind” principle. Let’s focus on the positive and try not to complain about things we can’t control. If you have an issue, please take a deep breath and simply start a dialogue so we can talk it out like reasonable neighbors. 

501 South Arroyo Parkway,  Pasadena, CA 91105  |  (626) 360-5999 |  pilates@goldlinepilates.com