New Client Introductory Special

Complete newbie or old pro? Couch potato or lean machine? Even if you are a seasoned Pilates aficionado, we would love the opportunity to show you what we’re all about. Our introductory package is $150 for 3 private Pilates sessions. During that time, you will meet several instructors, discuss your challenges and goals, learn about Pilates principles, become familiar with the equipment, and yes, get a nice good sweat going.

Why 3 Sessions?
Pilates is a process. There is equipment involved that you may have never seen before. There are principles involved that you have not used in any other movement modality. And usually the biggest take-away is, there are muscles involved that you may have not used before. We feel that a single session cannot give you a full picture of Pilates as a practice, and Gold Line Pilates as a studio, can offer. Don’t worry … you’ll be addicted. All we ask is that you use the remaining 2 sessions of your Introductory Special within one month of the date of the first session. This expiration policy is an incentive to experience the many layered progressions of a regular Pilates practice.