Erik Heger

I believe that the GYROTONIC® method is the most thorough and efficient training system for fitness, well-being, and functional movement. GYROTONIC® will get you in shape, it will help you achieve your goals, and it will expand your perspective of what is possible.

I wish I had discovered the GYROTONIC® method when I was a professional athlete. I would have realized even more of my potential and I would have done so with fewer injuries.

I wish I had discovered the GYROTONIC® method when I started playing music and performing on stage. I would have developed a more sustainable technique and I would have avoided needless injuries.

And I wish I had discovered the GYROTONIC® method when I started using the gym to get in shape and deal with stress. I would have been happier, healthier, and more grounded. (I also would have avoided a lot of injuries!)

I was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers as a catcher when I was 17. Instead of pursuing a baseball career, I went to Colorado College where I was captain of the men’s basketball team for 3 of the 4 years. After college, I played basketball professionally in England, Denmark, The Philippines, and Lebanon.

I’ve also been a stuntman in Taiwan; a harpist in NYC; a 20-year Yoga enthusiast; a professional fight choreographer; and an actor in over 50 professional plays, TV shows, and films. (Tina Fey once gave me a high five for nailing a scene that she wrote, so, yeah: I can die now.)

I love movement. And I love coaching. I’ve trained people from age 5 to 85; from post-operative patients learning to walk again to post-partum athletes looking to get back into shape to Olympic athletes trying to reach even higher levels of precision to weekend warriors who want to whip their tennis partners without wiping out their own backs. I’ve also trained more than a few people who simply wanted to look good in a bathing suit (don’t we all!).

I believe that our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives are inextricably linked to our bodies. I believe in a holistic approach to training which entails focus, hard work, relaxed concentration, commitment, mindfulness, playfulness, and a sense of humor. We are not here to punish ourselves. We are here to feel free and fly! When we are grounded in our hearts, minds and bodies — then vitality and harmony flourish naturally.