Arpi Azlvyan - Gold Line Pilates
Gold Line Pilates features top-of-the-line equipment and gold-standard instructors to ensure an excellent and customized Pilates experience for every individual.
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Arpi graduated from the prestigious School of Choreograpy in Yerevan and went on to dance with the renowned Alexander Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet National Theater before moving to America where she continued her ballet career as both a performer and a teacher.

As a dancer first, Arpi understands the importance of maintaining your body’s flexibility, strength, coordination and alignment to live a happy, healthy life. In fact, a dancing injury had prevented her from moving in her body the way she always had and the pain led her to seek many different forms of exercise as a way to find relief. She was ready to accept the limitations her injury had caused when she found GYROTONIC®. After four sessions her body went back to the way it was pre-injury. Inspired by her personal results, she became a true believer in the GYROTONIC® method going on to become a certified GYROTONIC® instructor, helping to heal and empower dancers and non-dancers alike to take their fitness and health to the next level.