Gold Line Pilates is located at 501 South Arroyo Parkway (between Bellevue and California) in beautiful southwestern Pasadena. The studio is on the second floor of a funky mid-century building designated by the Pasadena Historical Society. Its quirky charm includes an old bank vault left over by a previous tenant and a retro built-in receptionist desk. The Pilates space itself is spacious and bright with huge windows and immaculate floors.

Our clients simultaneously enjoy the convenience of our excellent and central location as well as the privacy and exclusivity of the studio itself. It’s almost as if the Gold Line Pilates community is hiding in plain sight on bustling Arroyo Parkway and tucked away in our own sanctuary. It really is the best of both worlds. 

The studio features brand-new gold-standard equipment including 6 STOTT reformers with adjustable gear bar, attached towers, and the full range of accessories as well as 6 STOTT split-pedal stability chairs with detachable handles. Because our focus is private and semi-private training, we prefer to keep the studio small, spacious, and intimate. The studio also utilizes a trapeze table (referred to as a Cadillac by some schools), a ladder barrel, and a Gyrotonic pulley tower. 

To add to your convenience, the studio offers free and dedicated surface parking. The parking lot is accessed from southbound Arroyo immediately north of the red brick building and directly across the street from Parkway Grill. The front door is on the street. One-hour street parking is available on Arroyo on weekends and weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm only; however, using our spacious lot is highly recommended.

Two spacious bathrooms and ample storage space are available.


While enormously popular and pervasive, Pilates is also a uniquely individual practice. Pilates has something for everyone when delivered by the right instructor and practiced in the right environment. At Gold Line Pilates, we believe that Pilates is best experienced in a private and exclusive setting. We focus on you so you can focus on maximally enjoying the benefits of Pilates in your day-to-day life.

Our approach to Pilates is highly tailored to your particular needs to achieve measurable results. Gold Line Pilates provides all of our clients with individual assessments the first time they walk through our door, and every time thereafter. By assessing your current movement patterns, and understanding structural imbalances and asymmetries, our rigorously trained and highly experienced instructors create personalized workouts based on where you are today and where you want to be.

Beyond Pilates for fitness and weight loss, our instructors find assisting you with specific goals to be highly gratifying. For instance, our instructors have extensive experience in creating effective Pilates programs for the following issues:

• Rehabilitation of knees, hips, ankles, and shoulders;
• Chronic back pain;
• Slipped or bulging disks;
• Restoring range of motion post-surgery;
• Osteoporosis and osteopenia;
• Scoliosis;
• Lifestyle-induced scoliosis (musicians, athletes, commuters, specific occupations, etc);
• Pre- and post-natal (including mild to severe diastasis);
• Pelvic floor dysfunction;
• Nerve disorders and Parkinson’s disease;
• Sports performance enhancement (golf, baseball, tennis, cricket, triathlon).

Ultimately, we want you to walk out of your session feeling better, more energized, happier and healthier.


Pilates is an exercise method created by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) to stretch, strengthen, align and balance the body. Pilates has evolved over the years, but the basic concepts of spinal stability and core strength remain integral. Its popularity is a testament to its accessibility to all ages, fitness levels, body types and limitations. Pilates can be mat-based or equipment-based utilizing specialized apparatus. Gold Line Pilates features instructors from several different schools of Pilates ranging from strict Classical Method to Contemporary Hybrids.

The list of benefits of a regular Pilates practice is literally endless. Practitioners report a full gamut of benefits from less back pain to a total body transformation.


Level 1 — This Pilates reformer class is appropriate for anyone who has taken a Pilates reformer class before. Please start here if you are coming off of a long exercise hiatus.


Level 2 — This Pilates reformer class is NOT appropriate for beginners, pregnant women, or anyone with a diagnosed injury, medical condition, or serious body issue. The instructor of this class will assume that you have sound knowledge of and experience in setting springs and executing basic Pilates exercises.


Introduction to Pilates — This Pilates reformer class is for anyone who has never taken a Pilates class before, anyone who has never used the reformer apparatus before, or anyone who would like a refresher course on Pilates principles.


Vaccinated Seniors — This Pilates reformer class is for anyone who is over 65 would like to get a good stretch, work on balance and core strength, and see what all this Pilates fuss is about. Everyone in this class must be at least 10 days out from their second vaccination shot.


In-person inside group classes (6 participants, 1 instructor) are $40 per session.  – Book A Class Now 


Private Pilates Session — A Private Pilates Session is a one-on-one Pilates session with a certified instructor. Each session is tailor-made for you … your goals, challenges, and body issues.

In-person inside private sessions (1 participant, 1 instructor) are $75 per session. – Book Private Session Now 


Duet Pilates Session — A Duet Pilates Session includes two practitioners and a one instructor. Please contact the studio if you would like to book a duet session. Trios and Quads are also possible.